A Mosaic Property
The story of Fattoria Le Pupille

A succession of gentle hills watching over the majestic contour of the Monte Amiata. It’s precisely from one of these soft and sensual hills that the story of Fattoria Le Pupille begins and leads it to how it is seen today: a heterogenous reality. In the course of the years, the originating core of the winery effectively enriched itself of new grape particles, reaching today 75 hectares of vineyards, distributed like many mosaic pieces between many stunning areas of Maremma. Another 20 hectares are destined to the olives, and then cereals and cork oaks alternate with pastures reaching up to 420 hectares of overall property.

1985: It can be considered the year of re-foundation of the winery, when from a family wine estate, it starts becoming a modern and entrepreneurial viticultural reality to which Elisabetta Geppetti dedicates energies and dreams. Elisabetta abandoned the university halls for the vineyards and the winery, replanted Cabernet Sauvignon on a few vines of Sangiovese, which in ’85 starts bearing fruits, all with the support of Giacomo Tachis, much more than a technical consultation. It is the birth of the project that has made the winery the true pioneer of Maremma. In 1982 the first ‘official’ label is released, a Morellino Riserva 1978. In 1987 it is the time of Saffredi, the wine that has made Maremma known for its excellence, not only in Tuscany, but much further away form its borders. In 1996, the purchase of the Poggio Valente vineyard gives an even more important turn to the winery.

The core of the property is around the village of Pereta, it is of overall 25 hectares which are now called the ‘old’ Pupille and include a 5 hectare vineyard which gives life to the winery’s legendary wine: Saffredi. With Pereta nearby, the old Pupille are situated between Scansano and Magliano in Toscana, two names which belong to the historical heart of Maremma’s viticulture. Around the village of Pereta, past the Saffredi vineyard, we find Poggio Valente, a one bodied vineyard following the soft hill situated 280 m above sea level. In proximity of Scansano, a 4 hectares plot of land is planted with white grapevines, whilst right outside the gates of Magliano we find a 20 hectare vineyard destined to the production of Morellino. The path that connects the various vineyards of Le Pupille is a path which stretches around a big part of Maremma. A path made of intense light, warm colours, and silhouettes of Judas trees, which seem to set fire to the hills with their vibrant rose pink leaves.

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