The Ladies of Morellino
Elisabetta Geppetti and Clara Gentili

“I understood that I wanted to make wine at the age of 20, during one of the many harvests in the family estate. I have inherited my love for wine from my grandfather, but then a passion grows through its own channels. I wanted to make great wines and I wanted to do it here, in this beloved land. Then with time I felt that everyone, including myself, is the product of our land and since then I understood that wine is, and has to be, bonded with the history of the men who live here, it has to converse and grow with them. This land is my choice of life, as making wine has always been my profession

They call her the Lady of Morellino and the Ambassador of Maremma. She has been the first woman to be the president of a consortium in 1992, year of foundation of the Morellino di Scansano Consortium. The german headliner Der Feinschmecker proclaimed her ‘Wine-maker of the year’ a few years back.

Elisabetta Geppetti has given life to a dream thanks to her tenacious character and the enthusiasm of her youth, which are now, after 30 years, the traits which characterize her best. It is also thanks to her entrepreneurial ability, which has allowed her to build one of the most important wineries in Tuscany, is placed side by side her ability to manage 5 children, and the firstborn Clara, is already keeping herself busy with the winery business.

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