Through The Vineyards
The Vineyards and the Grapes

The name Fattoria Le Pupille is unequivocally tied to the production of red wines, the Sangiovese, the grapevine which can be considered prince of the property, embodies 70% of the vineyards and it is the soul of the diverse expressions of Morellino made by the winery. Malvasia Nera and Alicante are also present, adding up to 10%, three historic varieties of the territory, while on the ‘confrontational’ aspect of the territory prevails a 4% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Merlot, Syrah 2% and another 2% of Cabernet Franc. There are 9 hectares of vineyards for the white grape varieties: Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

The Harvest and Selection of the Grapes

The vineyards, regardless of what their grapes are destined for, are constantly and competently looked after, with the objective of interacting in the best possible way in the relations between plants, microclimate and soil, to stimulate the best conditions of the grapes development and maturation, without forgetting the respect of the environment. Once the grapes have been picked, they are put through the strictest selection process; the grapes that are still in one piece enter the vinification cellar to start their course on the base of their structure and potentials. It is a modern and functional vinification room, with steel tanks of different dimension, all with an electronically controlled temperature, while the maturation cellar is located underneath the arches of the manor house, where situated are the woods used for the Riserva of Morellino, Poggio Valente and Saffredi.


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